“Kaga Ryori Sugi no Ie Yamaguchi



それはさておき、昨日、某オケにおける元上司?(例の局長ですw)と「加賀料理 杉の家やまぐち」というお店に行ってきました。

We decided to have a drink in Motosumiyoshi, my hometown, but there were so few shops (my favorite), only hutou bars, and I was wondering what to do, when I suddenly remembered this shop along Tsunashima Kaido.

When I used to commute to work on the Toyoko Line, I would sometimes get off at Tamagawa Station a few stations down the line and walk home slowly, taking about 40 minutes. At that time, I always passed by this shop, and I was always curious about it every time I walked.

However, I didn’t have a chance to go there because it’s not in front of the station but in an outlying area. So, I finally got my wish yesterday.

At any rate, I made a reservation immediately by phone, easily OK, and arrived at the restaurant after moving a little by Toyoko Line.

The chef was sitting at the counter looking bored, so I asked him if he was okay. Are we the only ones? I was worried at first. When I thought we would be at the counter, I was guided to a private room in the back. I heard a lot of talking from the private room, so I felt a little relieved.

I was curious about the kaiseki, but I’m basically a drinker, so I ordered a la carte. And this was a great answer!

First of all, the appetizer is this…



The level is high… And delicious and surprising.

Then came the “Seafood Salad”, and here it is.


It was totally different from the image…

Also, I ate “Kahako crab” for the first time in my life. It is also delicious. Squeeze a little bit of kabosu and eat it with crab vinegar. You can see how the taste of the crab, the kabosu, and the crab vinegar are all in perfect harmony. I don’t know what I’m saying, but it was delicious anyway.


In addition, there were fried egg, simmered duck, dried fir squid, and fried prawn.



As for drinks, we had Premium Malts, Hakkaisan beer, and Ginban and Tateyama sake.

It was a little more expensive than I expected (tears), but I had a wonderful time. Thank you very much, Mr. Director.

I would like to go back to this wonderful restaurant. I really want to have Kaiseki next time.

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加賀料理 杉の家やまぐち【日本料理/法事/懐石/和食/宴会/ケータリング】川崎市中原区 新丸子・武蔵小杉駅利用