Announcement] I’m going to participate in Super Mom-chari Grand Prix!

09. Sportscycling

At the foot of Mt. Fuji, where the cold wind blows in the middle of winter. ・・・・

Japan’s 2012 begins with a mamachari!

World Championship for the common man

Super mamachari Grand Prix to surpass F1

After the race, we will demonstrate the full throttle running of Japan’s highest category “Formula Nippon”.

See, hear, and feel the latest formula machines and professional drivers.

We invite you to experience the “real thing” and enjoy the true form of the circuit.


This is coming out. What a stupid plan….

The rules of the final, it seems, are like this.

(1) The starting grid is determined by the order of motivation!

(2) 7-hour endurance race between teams starting on a grid.

(3) There is no rule on the minimum number of laps. Each team may decide at its own discretion.

(4) Except in the case of fainting, a rider must not retire for any other reason.


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