Sea urchin festival! at Sushi Restaurant Saisho


Yesterday, I went to the “Uni Festival” with my twitter followers, which I found out about a week ago when I was looking at the twitter TL.

Events at this store:.

すし処 さいしょ

According to the general’s explanation, it was “very popular! So, it was held again on Thursday.

First, all the participants toasted each other, and then this sashimi appeared.

Then came the sushi.

And now for the wait.

The sea urchin was delicious. That’s the only Japanese I can think of.

After that, we had a parade of sushi. The raw shirasu, tuna and flatfish were delicious….

I love fresh shirasu, don’t you? But I never thought I’d be able to eat it in Tokyo. I’m from Shizuoka, so I did eat raw shirasu from time to time, but it wasn’t that often.

In addition to this, there were even more ughhhhhhhhs coming out. I think it came out quite surprisingly. It is true that I was full and became painful, but I thought that it was amazing in a sense that I did not get tired of urchin even if I ate this much. I guess that’s how delicious it was.

Needless to say, I enjoyed it a lot.

The participation fee was 6,500 yen with all this. All you can drink. We were told that 500 yen of the fee would be donated to the earthquake relief efforts.