Istanbul First Day No.3 Bosphorus Cruise Part2 -2010 France & Turkey No.25

2010 France
2010 France

Istanbul 20100506-IMG_7944

Date of visit: May 6, 2010, around 1:00 p.m.

(Continued from previous episode)

Now, the cruise has smoothly entered the Bosphorus. As expected of a port town with a long history. There were many big and splendid ships.

Istanbul 20100506-IMG_7897

There was also a Japanese ship, as I recall.

Istanbul 20100506-IMG_7900

And what can I say, this view is picturesque!

Istanbul 20100506-IMG_7911

Dolmabahce Palace. I think I’ll go here first thing in the morning tomorrow because they are restricting the entrance here too.

Istanbul 20100506-IMG_7925

We go through a big bridge, what kind of bridge is it, Wikipedia-sensei?

“The First Bosphorus Bridge (also known as the Boğaziçi Köprüsü, 1074 m long), built in 1973.

Istanbul 20100506-IMG_7943

Istanbul 20100506-IMG_7944

In this area, the width of the strait becomes much narrower. This topography is the reason why Istanbul has developed. When you go out to sea, you realize that this place is the key point of traffic. This is the weight of “history” that makes me shiver.

And “Rumeli Hisar”, this citadel was also the base from which the Ottoman Empire fell this capital. I’d love to see it up close! But we had to make a U-turn at sea…. Well, it’s a cheap tour, I guess.

I asked Mr. Telephoto Lens to do his best.

Istanbul 20100506-IMG_7952

You will come back to the city. You will go through this bridge again.

Istanbul 20100506-IMG_7970

To be honest, I don’t want such a bridge in the Bosforus Strait, though I sometimes think it would spoil the scenery. But convenience is important, so it can’t be helped, can it?

We cruised on the Bosphorus Strait while looking at the city of Istanbul in the opposite direction. Well, the Ottoman Turks 600 years ago must have been looking at Istanbul and Constantinople from this direction, I was moved just thinking about it.

Istanbul 20100506-IMG_7997

Even with such a goofy tourist route, I could feel the weight of history very keenly. It has been almost 20 years since I kept thinking that I felt such weight. I am so happy that my dream visit to Istanbul has come true.


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