Istanbul First Day No.5 Galata Tower -2010 France & Turkey No.27

2010 France


The goal of the new city is this “Galata Tower”, which we have seen over and over again today.

Istanbul 20100508-IMG_8629


Istanbul 20100506-IMG_8126

After buying a ticket, you can go to the observatory by elevator. It was a bit expensive. There was a cafe on the observatory.

Now you can see Istanbul, the capital for 1,500 years, right in front of you!

First, the “Bosphorus,” which we’ve just been to.

Istanbul 20100506-IMG_8146

We also went to Topkapi Palace first thing in the morning.

Istanbul 20100506-IMG_8149

We’re going to go to “Hagia Sophia” later.

Istanbul 20100506-IMG_8156

And the Blue Mosque, which I mentioned yesterday.

Istanbul 20100506-IMG_8160

And “Golden Horn Bay.”

(Photo to follow.)

We had the best view! I was so excited!

In addition, Galata Tower is a popular spot. It’s very crowded on weekends. But this day was Friday, so we could go up to the top without waiting in line even at lunch time. Two days later, I came here again, but it was Sunday and there was a big line, so I gave up.

Istanbul 20100506-IMG_8176

It’s a bridge between Europe and Asia. There is no other attractive city like this in the world.

Well, the next stop is finally Hagia Sophia. It seems to have become a much better time.


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