The last day of Istanbul (The last) Walking in the new city No.2 -2010 France & Turkey No.35

2010 France


Finally, the last installment of this travelogue series, it was a long time…

But it’s not as great as the last one (laughs).

Istanbul 20100508-IMG_8539

I came back to Taksin Square by subway again from the shopping mall in Hazare. Finally, we took a walk along Istiklal Street. It was late afternoon on Saturday, and it was getting lively.

Istanbul 20100508-IMG_8566

Speaking of the new town, “the old tram” is a specialty. The purpose is to see it.

Istanbul 20100508-IMG_8582

Istanbul 20100508-IMG_8591

Istiklal Street, it’s a street that takes 15 to 20 minutes to walk slowly, but I think it’s good that they keep these nifty trams alive. I think it’s good that they keep these trams alive, but they are running more than I expected, so it might be more convenient.

This area is also called “Galata”. There is also a famous soccer team called “Galatasaray”.

There are also Christian churches in the area that have more of a European cultural atmosphere.

Istanbul 20100508-IMG_8613

It was a bit of a walk, but I really enjoyed it. We walked again to around Galata Bridge and from there to the old town where the hotel is located again.

Istanbul 20100508-IMG_8639

Istanbul 20100508-IMG_8644

There was still some time before the departure from the airport, so I decided to go to Hagia Sophia one last time.

Istanbul 20100508-IMG_8645

I think this is the building that tells the longest history of Istanbul. I wanted to feel the weight of its history one last time.

After seeing Hagia Sophia, we headed to the hotel and then to the airport.

This long trip started on April 24. Due to the Icelandic volcanic ash, even our departure was in doubt, but we hurriedly flew to Barcelona via Istanbul, Turkey, drove through southern France, and then returned to Istanbul for three nights. In the end, it was the most “full” trip I’ve ever had.

That’s why my travelogue became the biggest one ever, and it took me 7 months to finish the whole archive. Moreover, I finished the last one, Istanbul, in a hurry at the end of the year…

This time, it was very big that I could keep a huge amount of travel logs mainly on twitter thanks to the mobile Wi-Fi “MiFi” which I introduced several times at the beginning of the trip, not to mention photo data and video. Thanks to this, I could remember the situation of the trip even now after many months.

So, that’s it for the record of this GW trip. We are planning to have a lot of exciting trips next time, so please stay tuned.

(2010 France & Turkey、完!)