The last day in Istanbul, walking in the new city No.1 -2010 France & Turkey No.34

2010 France


Istanbul 20100508-IMG_8518

On the last day of my stay in Istanbul, I leave for Japan this afternoon. After visiting the most beautiful village in France, we are going to finish our long trip to this place.

Since the flight is around 4pm, we can still do some sightseeing in the morning, so we went to the new town where we couldn’t go much for the last two days. First, we took the tram to the Dolmabahce area I mentioned yesterday. After that, we went to the Military Museum in the New Town by cable car & subway.

The photo at the beginning, this is a bench at the tram stop. It’s interesting.

The subway is very comfortable.

Istanbul 20100508-IMG_8525

Istanbul 20100508-IMG_8526

Well, the military museum, it was boring. The lack of photos tells the story. It’s a waste of money though we paid a photo shooting fee separately…. By the way, it is sometimes the case in museums in Europe that you have to pay an extra admission fee for taking photos.

Istanbul 20100508-IMG_8531

I changed my mind and went to the suburbs a little more. I went to the shopping mall.

Istanbul 20100508-IMG_8537

The security check to get in was annoying, and for that, it was surprisingly dull…. It was a disappointment. The building is beautiful, though. I thought it might be crowded because it was Saturday, but it was empty.

We went back to the center of the old town without shopping. (To be continued, next time the last article)

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