Istanbul 2 Day No.3 Grand Bazaar -2010 France & Turkey No.31

2010 France


After the Archaeological Museum, we headed to the “Grand Bazaar”.

Istanbul 20100507-IMG_8437

It is not particularly shopping, but sightseeing. It’s just because it was written in the guidebook. But I wanted to taste the atmosphere. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes on foot from the Archaeological Museum.

Istanbul 20100507-IMG_8440

Through these arcades, you will enter the Grand Bazaar.

There were not so many people, but I didn’t have the impression that there were so many. Is it because it was lunch on Friday?

Istanbul 20100507-IMG_8460

I thought it would be a little more messy, but it was surprisingly clean and neat (or is that rude?). It is a feeling that was clean and neat. Is it because there are many shops of precious metal?

Istanbul 20100507-IMG_8464

We didn’t have anything in particular we wanted to buy, so we just walked through.

Istanbul 20100507-IMG_8469

Once you go outside. This is the next block after the Grand Bazaar, but it’s more like the image of a Middle Eastern bazaar.

Istanbul 20100507-IMG_8479

It kind of reminds me of Donkey (laughs).

But if you look at the price carefully, it is not so cheap. I guess you have to negotiate and bargain in such a place. There was nothing I was interested in, so I just walked around.


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