Istanbul, Day 2 No.4 Suleymaniye Jamii -2010 France & Turkey No.32

2010 France


Suleimaniye Jami’i is less than 10 minutes walk from the Grand Bazaar. By the way, this building is this jammie which left a strong impression on me yesterday on the Bosphorus cruise. I’d like to go and see it.

Istanbul 20100506-IMG_7997

However, although I was able to enter the premises, it seemed to be under renovation somehow and I could not enter the building.

Istanbul 20100507-IMG_8488

Istanbul 20100507-IMG_8496

We had to watch it from the outside. It’s a pity…

Istanbul 20100507-IMG_8500

But I thought it created a very nice atmosphere around here. There are a few cafes, though not so many. It was a good time of the afternoon, so many people were crowded.

You can feel the history even in a casual alley.

Istanbul 20100507-IMG_8489

Still, it’s a beautiful day. It’s very hot. I’m getting a little tired, so I’m going back to the hotel.


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