Istanbul 2 Day No.5 Dining -2010 France & Turkey No.33

2010 France
2010 France


Istanbul 20100507-IMG_8510

I came back to the center of the old town from “Reimanie Jamee”. We ate a sandwich for lunch, so we were hungry. So we went into a restaurant and had a meal here, though it was halfway.

To be honest, I didn’t have many “bites” in Istanbul this time. This place is also like that. But the beer was still good, though.

Istanbul 20100507-IMG_0600

Also, the bread, butter, and olives were delicious. a

Istanbul 20100507-IMG_0601

The main course is, well, kebabs, but it’s a bit strange…

Istanbul 20100507-IMG_0603

Of course we had dinner here the night before. It was a more popular place. It was not good. So we went to a fancy restaurant, but it was nothing special (laughs).

Nevertheless, it was a good break in very hot Istanbul.

After this, I was so tired that I went back to the hotel to rest. I was getting ready to leave tomorrow, so it was getting dark when I noticed. That’s it for this day’s sightseeing. I’m going back to Japan tomorrow.


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