Travel in Greece, mainland part 1 – from there

2012 Greece

It was the day before last, but from this day on, we will travel to mainland Greece.

First, we rented a car at the airport in Athens, where we had stayed the night before.

I finally found my Peugeot! It’s very comfortable to drive. I think the steering is a little loose.

This trip was blessed with very good weather, but this day was cloudy and occasionally rainy.

Our first stop on the mainland trip was the Monastery of Osios Loukas.

This is a monastery which is also recognized as a world heritage site. It is located near Delphi, so I dropped by there.

Next is the main part of this trip, “Archaeological Site of Delphi”.

Driving through the steep mountains, ancient ruins suddenly appear, the presence was wonderful despite the ruins!

It was very good that we visited the museum and the ruins in that order. If you look at the ruins after getting some prior knowledge, your imagination will increase a lot (laughs).