Global Data’s “Europe Tour Plan” is now available, but I wish it was released a little earlier…




It’s fantastic! It’s such a great thing for European travel fanatics. But I kinda wish you had done it in April of this year….

Prices are as shown.

More and more countries are available at any given time.

Scandinavia was not yet available last year, as I recall.

By the way, this is my past use.

  1. 2010年4月:フランス
  2. 2010年6月:中国
  3. 2010年8月:ドイツ
  4. 2010年10月:ロシア
  5. 2011年4月:フランス

I’ve used it a whopping five times! You must be a heavy user (laughs)

MiFi in France

And here’s a blog about the usage:.

As I wrote in the previous page, although it is only in France, I can confirm that the connection is overwhelmingly better than SoftBank’s overseas packet flat-rate carriers.

It has become commonplace to use mobile internet and iPhone when traveling. It was last year that the MiFi rental itself was epoch-making in the first place, but I think it is a great evolution that it has become so commonplace in only a year or so.


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