It seems that Global Data’s rental fees have become cheaper again.

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It seems to become more and more easy to use.

グローバルデータ|業界最大手の海外用モバイルデータ通信レンタルサービス | 料金プラン | カントリータイプ

You can use “480yen plan” or “680yen plan” in limited countries, but MiFi plan is less than 1,000 yen, 980 yen per day in major European countries (Germany, France) where I often go.

But unfortunately, there seems to be no change in the price of the Europe Round Trip Plan. Well, it’s still enough.

By the way, I just found out by Googling “Global Data” that some of the articles on this blog seem to come up at the top of the search results. I’ve mentioned Global Data several times.

Is this partly due to the release of the data plan changes? The number of accesses to this article is relatively high today.

“SIMフリーiPhone+プリペイドSIM” それとも ”グローバルデータMiFi”? (続)最近の自分のガイドブック事情 | my lifelog

It is the No.1 access in all archives only today.

There is still a story that it is absolutely better to go to Hong Kong or Bangkok and buy a SIM free iPhone, but the idea that it is better to buy a SIM lock iPhone in Japan and rent a MiFi is still the same unless you stay in Japan for a long time with high frequency as written in this article. There is no change.


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