From Normandy to Brittany – 2011 France Realtime No.5

2011 France realtime

Barfleur 20110419-IMG_4429

As a person whose motto is “wide and shallow, repeated and deep,” it is not that I can never go there again, but because I travel with the image of a “preview” every time I visit a place, I go there efficiently and a lot, and such a style has been established.

Our sightseeing started this morning with a photo shoot before sunrise in Barfleur, where we spent the night. It was a very pleasant morning.

A late breakfast at 8am. Only croissant, baguette and cafe au lait, but these were surprisingly delicious and I was very happy. I was very impressed with the confiture.


Depart Barfleur at 9:00am and take the public road to the A84 highway. Our destination is Mont Saint-Michel.


We arrived there in about 2 hours. The road to the parking lot was very congested. Still we were able to park in a very close parking lot.

Mont Saint-Michel 20110419-DSC00636

Mont Saint-Michel photographed from the parking lot.

Mont Saint-Michel 20110419-IMG_4731

Then we went to a beautiful village outside Saint-Malo. Today’s first and last most beautiful village in France is “Saint-Suliac”.

Saint-Suliac 20110419-IMG_4932

Then we moved directly to St. Malo. It was so nice city that we decided to stay here for a night.

Saint-Malo 20110420-IMG_5038

Saint-Malo 20110420-IMG_5169

What’s even better is that the internet environment in this city, namely MiFi, is comfortable. Now that we have lots of internet, we’re revisiting our itinerary to increase our savings as much as possible in the first half of the year. I’m hoping to visit Bordeaux, hopefully Basque Country and this area that I couldn’t visit last year. I’m not sure what will happen…


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