I’ve never seen Poken before!


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I’ve just started Poken. I’m a gadget lover, so I knew it existed, but I didn’t start it yet.

It was on sale at the event today, so I decided to buy it since it was a good opportunity. It’s Christmas, so I decided to use a Christmas version of the cover. A reindeer with a bright red nose!

さてさて、Pokenって何? Wikipedia先生よろしく!

ポーケン (Poken)は、スイスのPoken SA社が、開発したデジタル名刺ガジェットで、ストラップにつけて、いつでも携帯可能な新しいコミュニケーションツール。

By touching the hand of your Poken to the hand of the other Poken, the profile information of both parties can be exchanged. If you remove the Poken character, you can connect it to a computer with Internet access, open an HTML file, and access the Poken website to view and manage the digital business cards of the people you’ve exchanged profiles with.

In short, it’s a business card for social networks.

But why didn’t I start using it even though I knew it existed a long time ago? It’s because I didn’t understand the “significance” of using poken.

土曜日の「ツイ☆クリ2010 ?Twitterで集めた全国うまいもん大博覧会・第2回粒谷区民まつり?」というイベントで衝動買いしてしまった訳ですが、はじめはやっぱり情報交換(手と手を合わせて2秒ほど待機)してもなんだかよくわかりませんでした。ちなみにこの交換を「ハイフォー」っていうみたいです。

That’s because I haven’t created an account yet. I thought it would be pointless to exchange business cards without any registration information, but I did it anyway.

But when I got home, I found out the “fun” of this system.

The key point is that each poken has a product number, and if you exchange information directly, you will be able to see the other person’s information on the web based on the product number. In other words, the important thing is the fact that you exchanged the product number directly.

As you can see, after creating an account, you can update your information in these admin screens.

When you update your SNS information in this way, the other person can see your SNS information from their dashboard. The reverse is also true.

Oh, I get it, it’s a very “cloud” concept.

In addition, pokens are characterized by the fact that they emphasize the so-called “friend registration” with people you have “actually met”.

You’re right, this is a new idea. (I think it’s been out for over a year now, but w

But for people like me who use multiple social networking sites, it’s easier to use a tool that allows you to check the information on each site at a later time rather than having to tell each other. But for people like me who use multiple social networking sites, it’s better to have a tool that you can check all your social networking sites at once.

Well, after actually buying and using it, I think I’m starting to see its uniqueness and appeal. This looks interesting.

On the other hand, I thought that it would be difficult to understand the fun of poken if you don’t use multiple social networking sites.

So I have a feeling I’m going to be a bit addicted to it. Please give me a “Hi Four” when you see me.

By the way, I found out today that there is also an app for iPhone. I’d love to try it too.

Nevertheless, don’t you think this business model is also interesting?

The photo at the beginning of this article, this costs 2,000 yen. To be honest, the cost of such a gadget is negligible. But by having this, you can make a simple yet convenient social networking business card. The cost of managing the internet is also very low, and just by spreading the use of this gadget to a small number of gadget lovers, it’s possible to make some profit.


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