My entry form has arrived! #tokyomarathon – The path to Tokyo Marathon 2011: as of Jan 27

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Tokyo Marathon2011 20110129-DSC00241

With less than a month to go until the Tokyo Marathon next month, my long awaited set of entry documents has finally arrived at home. I had received them just one month before the last marathon.

The main documents are “invitation to participate” and “application form”, and the rest are mostly advertisements.

Tokyo Marathon2011 20110129-DSC00248

This guide contains the details of the date and time of registration, the schedule of the day, and the time limit, so you have to read it carefully.

The application form at the reception looks like this.

Tokyo Marathon2011 20110129-DSC00244

You will receive your bib and other items at the registration desk. The registration will be held from Thursday, February 24 to Saturday, February 26, from 11:00 to 20:30. I wonder if I should go on a weekday or a Saturday.


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