Sudden Hakone Short Trip – Hakone-Yumoto/Tanosawa Onsen Yamanouchaya


At the beginning of this week, I had a sudden idea to go and carry it. Yesterday, Friday, I left work early at around 16:00 and went there.

This is an inn.

箱根湯本・塔之沢温泉 山の茶屋

After booking, a typhoon might hit on the weekend, but when I opened the lid, the typhoon was over and I was able to enjoy the hot spring comfortably although it was raining.

Because of the typhoon, the inn was very empty. The open-air bath was private!

Miyanoshita Onsen is close to Yumoto and very easy to get to from Tokyo.

This inn, the food was amazing!

It’s basic kaiseki, but with a nice European flair. I was impressed by the soup stock, hot soup stock, and the dessert which was really good.

Breakfast is also various surprises. More gorgeous than expected.

The atmosphere of the ryokan and the service of the employees were very good.

I just want to take a hot spring bath and eat delicious food, that’s all I want to do! It was a wonderful ryokan that fulfilled my wish.


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