I participated in the 1st Horse Racing RUN in Oi Racecourse!

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I participated in the 1st Horserace RUN in Oi Racecourse.

競馬RUN | 競馬場でマラソンを。 http://keibarun.jp/


Now, the day of the race. At 9:00 a.m., the members gathered at the north gate of Oi Racecourse.

It was already crowded with a number of participants.

I’ve never been to a race track before. I wonder if it’s like this…

Our relay marathon start time was 10:50am, but we had to check in, change clothes, and take our places, so we decided to meet at a slightly earlier time. We had already met some of the members at the kickoff party at Hatsu Ten the other day, but there were some people we met for the first time on this day.

We have a waiting area in a good location.

First of all, I got my number. I am the 8th player.

The towel of the participation prize is quite large and convenient.

Also, this water is one of the participation prizes.

Now the race begins. The first players stand by at the gate. The fanfare rings out, and then it’s off!

We participated in the 42.195km relay marathon [general: any gender].

There were 10 of us in total. There was some variation, but each person would run 3 laps.

I was the 8th runner, and I had to take a detour to get from the waiting area to the next runner’s waiting area, so I moved on when the person two runners ahead of me finished running. So I moved to the next runner’s waiting area.

A view of the waiting area for the next runners. This is of course the first time I’ve been this close to a race track. My throat hurts from the sand and smoke.

Unfortunately, taking pictures in the course is prohibited. However, the footing was still very loose and it was very difficult to run, so there was no room for that. I thought I had enough time because it’s only 1.4km per lap, but I was wrong! It’s a pretty tough course.

When I finished one lap and handed over the tasuki to the next runner, my legs were wobbly, I was out of breath, and I was a mess.

I’m sure the lack of regular practice has had an effect, of course.

We were not allowed to take pictures on the course, but we did run the various run recording apps on our iPhones.

Yes, the course is simple. I think I did a good job even though my time was not so good.

While waiting, you can have a meal at the food court.

At the headquarters, you could also see the mid-race standings.

272nd place…. I thought I was doing rather well, but I guess everyone is fast.

And we continued to link the taskies safely, and our team crossed the finish line just after 15:00, in 4 hours 25 minutes and 32 seconds, 263rd place! At the end, we all finished together.

After receiving the prizes, we were hungry and moved to Oimachi for the launch!

Gotta love a good beer and gyoza after a workout!


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