The 2nd Tsukiji Breakfast Party Torifuji (Tsukiji)


I wasn’t feeling well but I tried my best to go.

Today’s meeting is here. It was a great meeting with zero late arrivals as everyone got used to it.

Here’s what we did.


今日もおいしいものを求めて:鳥藤 場内店(築地) 鶏吸と卵ご飯 & 水炊き ご飯付き  – livedoor Blog(ブログ)

We had Mizutaki. It was delicious!

But I still had a bad throat and nose, so I couldn’t taste it deliciously enough to afford it. And I didn’t have time to do any research beforehand…


I also didn’t have time to take pictures of this and that. I’m afraid of bad health.

I want to get my revenge.

It was too early for us to get together, so we went to a dandy coffee shop in the morning and had a coffee and a chat with friends for about an hour.

But it seems that I overworked a bit and worsened my health, so I had to leave the office early in the afternoon. I had to leave the office early in the afternoon. It was a good timing because I happened to finish one of my jobs…

But I was able to relax when I got home, so that was good again.

Especially this week, I was not feeling well both physically and mentally, so it was nice to be able to dust myself off. I’m glad I worked so hard to get there. Thank you everyone.


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