I’ve run the 2nd Ward of Hana + Alpha – The Path to Tokyo Marathon 2011: as of January 21, 2011

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It’s time to start thinking about the race, which is only a month away. Today, I did the “marathon” training that I did two years ago in the second section of the Hakone Ekiden Hana, as a way of encouraging myself to slack off.

“A marathon is a training session where you run and walk for a long distance. It’s a great way to build up your body to withstand long distance running without putting undue strain on it.

Course we ran today

Course is here.


The start was at Kawasaki station. From there, I ran for a while and joined Daiichi Keihin (Route 15), which is also the course of Hakone Ekiden, and ran along this road. 3km from here is the Tsurumi relay station.

There was a statue like this. From there, we passed through Yokohama station.

After passing near Hodogaya Station, we reached the famous “Gonta-zaka” slope in the 2nd district. I tried my best to run up it.

By this time, it was almost 1pm. It was very hot today…. And I aimed at the Totsuka relay station at the end of the 2nd section, but the remaining hills were tough. I still have a long way to go.

But here’s the thing. The road ahead is actually a car-only road, so you can’t walk (or run) there. You have to make a big detour to Totsuka Station once to continue running.

This is indeed tough, so that’s it for today’s practice. Totsuka station was the goal. It was a pity because we had originally planned to go to Fujisawa, but we had a very good practice.

Thoughts on running

Now, this is the longest distance of the training. Although I had been slacking off, I had been training until the beginning of December, so I was a little confident. So I thought I might be “stronger” than when I trained two years ago… but I was naive.

Maybe skipping the race had an unexpected effect on me. I was more exhausted than I thought. Also, it was warmer than I expected today, and the new jersey I bought the other day was so warm that I sweated a lot.

However, when I finished, even though I walked a lot, I ran about 26km, so I can say that my strength is getting better. Please let me say so.

Real-time relay test

By the way, this time I also practiced tweeting my current location information while running, which I plan to do next month. I use “Ima Koko Now! is used.

Ima Koko Now! is quite used to using it, so today I’m more of a test of the battery life of my iPhone and Pocket WiFi S.

The battery drain of Pocket WiFi S was severe. It is thought that doping is necessary with Eneloop considerably. However, I had old Pocket WiFi just in case, but there is no problem at all because this is changed to a large battery. I think that I will change SIM and use this one for the real thing.

And the other test is the live broadcast. We tried it at Gontazaka.


Well, the broadcast itself went without a hitch, but the problem was that the handheld shooting caused the video to shake a lot. This is a little unbearable to watch…. We have to think of a countermeasure for this.

In any case, I think that the real-time relay test was also more successful than expected.

Only one month left.

Next week, we will receive the application materials for the event and a set of documents informing us of the reception details just before the event. I’m going to do my best to take care of my feet so that they can dry safely.


January 21: 25.9 km, 222 min, 29517 steps

January 19: 4.8 km, 30 min, 4921 steps

January 2: 8.3 km, 55 min, 8611 steps

December 15: 8.3 km, 51 min, 8,140 steps

November 30: 22.7 km, 164 min, 24523 steps

November 26: 4.8 km, 29 min, 4704 steps

November 24: 15.7 km, 108 min, 16703 steps

November 11: 8.3 km, 51 min, 8014 steps

November 9, 20.3 km, 141 min, 22104 steps

November 1: 15.7 km, 115 min, 17797 steps

October 27, 20.3 km, 148 min, 22984 steps

October 20: 8.3 km, 54 min, 8467 steps

October 14: 15.7 km, 118 min, 18658 steps

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