Day 2 No.5 Leipzig – 2010 Deutschland No.8

2010 Germany

Leipzig 20100812-IMG_9878

Date of visit: August 11, 2010, around 5:00 p.m.

We leave Weimar and head to Leipzig. We are staying here today. This is a photo of the central station, but I didn’t come by train, but by car. Leipzig is a big city and the center of the city is not so far from the station, so I booked a hotel in front of the station.

The parking lot is not in the hotel, instead we used the public parking lot of the station. The atmosphere in front of the station is kind of like the old east side.

It was the end of the second day in Leipzig, the second time for my parents, but the first time for me. After checking into the hotel, we walked towards the center of the city.

Leipzig 20100812-IMG_9894

Leipzig 20100812-IMG_9898

But when it comes to Leipzig, Bach is the man! “St. Thomas Church.”

Leipzig 20100812-IMG_9909

Oh, oh, it’s Bach (what’s that?)

Leipzig 20100812-IMG_9911

We were so impressed that we ate right next to the church.

Leipzig 20100812-IMG_9915

Leipzig 20100812-IMG_9921

But I’m jealous of the price of beer there.

Leipzig IMG_1203

So that’s it for sightseeing on the second day.


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