Germany and the Enclave Tour Fall 2015, Part 4: To Liechtenstein Faduz, Hotel and Food

Germany and the enclave Tour 2015 autumn
Germany and the enclave Tour 2015 autumn

Date of visit: 26 October 2015 Weather: fine

Hotels in Faduz

I got a highway vignette as soon as I entered Switzerland, and arrived at Faduz, the capital of Liechtenstein, in about 30 minutes from the Austrian-Swiss border. It was 7 o’clock at night when we arrived, and we drove while watching the sunset, but it was already dark when we reached the city.

Tonight’s hotel is this one at the north end of the city of Faduz. The photo was taken the next day.

It was a very warm and cozy hotel with a restaurant and a family run business.

Faduz is like a small town in the Swiss countryside, and accommodation is not very good. So early advance booking is a must. Overall, the hotel seemed to be quite far from the town of Faduz, although there were some high feeling, Airbnb, so I sent off this time.

Dinner at the hotel

After checking in and putting our luggage in the room, we went to the restaurant. We ate a lot of food at Garmisch Partenkirchen that day, but we didn’t care about that and decided to eat a lot at night too. Well, it was the same as usual.

Restaurants are attached to the hotels as mentioned above. Of course we arrange such places. When you stay in a region on a car trip, it is better to have a hotel and a restaurant as a set. It’s no problem even if you arrive late after sightseeing until late at night, and above all, you can drink alcohol without worrying, because it’s just a short walk from the restaurant to the hotel room. In addition, when you stay at the hotel, it is basically assumed that you will use the restaurant as well, so if you look at it like this, you can book the restaurant at the same time as the hotel reservation, and it is easy to do something.

So, we were shown to our seats and looked at the menu. Basically, we decided to order from today’s menu and some a la carte.

And wine. Liechtenstein is known as a country that makes good quality wine, although the amount of production is small. So we ordered a local red wine. This wine is made at the winery owned by the Marquis of Liechtenstein. Pinot Noir.

It was very tasty with a very solid weight for a Pinot Noir. Maybe it was the glass? I’m definitely going to have to buy this as a gift to take home.

As for the meal, I ordered a starter salad, a

And the main course is something like a beef fillet. I kind of forgot about it (laughs). I always forget to write down the menu…

The taste was ordinary. My wife, on the other hand, had this pork dish as her main course. If anything, this dish matches the image of Swiss-like food. The side dish of potatoes was also like that.

Even though it is common and easy to understand, I think this was more delicious. After all, is it possible that the typical local cuisine has the edge?

The food itself wasn’t amazingly good, but the relaxed atmosphere and the quality, gentlemanly service made it a very nice restaurant overall.

After dinner, we went back to the room, took a shower and went to bed immediately. The next day is going to be good weather.

Breakfast at the hotel

And the next day. In the morning of this day, we planned to go sightseeing in Faduz slowly. We had a leisurely breakfast after 8 o’clock. It was at the restaurant attached to the same hotel as last night. Breakfast was included in the room charge.

The breakfast is not buffet, but served one seat at a time. I like this style better.

The bread is freshly baked and big and very tasty. Many buffets don’t have this kind of big bread. It’s best to have them bring it to you.

You can also request whether you want your eggs boiled, scrambled, or fried. I chose boiled. Yes, it comes out in this format, so that’s how you eat it. It’s a scene right out of “Cagliostro’s Castle”.

I hope this way of eating will become popular in Japan too. I think this way is better to eat it hot and tasty.

It was a very satisfying breakfast, tasty and relaxing. After that, we went back to our room, packed our bags and checked out. It’s a beautiful day today. And the autumn leaves look beautiful. It was going to be a fun day. We headed to the center of Faduz by car.

The first refueling of this trip

Well, since we drove such a long distance yesterday, the car was a little hungry. We decided to refuel on the way to the city.


Recently, the price of crude oil has dropped so much that it has become much cheaper than in the past. In addition, the tax rate is different in each country in Europe, so the price per liter is quite different. Even in the same country, the price is very different depending on the place as in Japan, but in my experience of this trip, I think the price was cheaper in the order of “Switzerland > Liechtenstein = Germany = Netherlands > Belgium”. I think Switzerland is expensive after all, this is definitely true.

I had an image that Liechtenstein has a low tax rate, and I thought it would be a little cheaper, but I guess it was not so cheap because of its proximity to Switzerland and the fact that it is a small country. Still, it was cheaper than Switzerland for sure.

It’s a long story, so I’ll tell you about sightseeing in Faduz next time. It doesn’t go as planned, does it? (To be continued)