Day 3 No.3 Goslar, Part 1 – 2010 Deutschland No.11

2010 Germany

Goslar 20100813-IMG_0116

Date of visit: August 12, around 5:00 p.m.



The rain that had been falling all morning had stopped completely.

Shortly after the Autobahn exit. You have a good parking guide.

And in a few minutes from there, I saw the magnificent gate of the entrance to the old town. It’s big. This seems to be promising.

We are staying in this city today. I’ve booked a hotel in the middle of the old town. That means I have to try to find a hotel or a parking lot in the old town.

It’s easy when my parents are around. I can concentrate on driving and they can see the parking lot and the city. (By the way, my father speaks both English and German, so that helps a lot.

Luckily we found a parking lot inside the old town. It’s an underground parking garage, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

And this parking lot is right behind the central square, so it’s a perfect location. I thought the hotel must be in this square, and I saw this map, and then I saw this red building! Easy to find!

But is it too famous? It’s not so high-class, but there were several groups of Japanese tourists.

Goslar 20100813-IMG_0056

Check in for now.

Goslar 20100813-IMG_0048

After dropping off your luggage and taking a break, you’ll go for an evening stroll around Goslar.


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