Day 5 No.4 Germany-Luxembourg border – 2010 Deutschland No.18 – Germany

2010 Germany

We leave Trier and head for Luxembourg. Here we parted ways with Germany for a while. Trier is almost on the border with Luxembourg, so it was a little more than 10 minutes drive to the border.

Just after I got on the Autobahn, something unfortunate happened. There had just been a traffic accident, and it was an accident between a motorcycle and a passenger car. The person who seemed to be the driver of the motorcycle was lying on the road…. He was covered with a blue sheet, but I’m sure that he died.

We were just at the confluence, so we must have collided at the meeting point. It was really terrible.

I regained my composure and drove safely. I was forced to drive slowly because it seemed to be doing construction. I was so relieved to have witnessed such an accident right after it happened.

I kept taking video of the border crossing.

As you know, there is no passport control or anything like that when you travel within the EU. It’s not that easy, but it’s not that interesting.

This is the scene near the border.

Traffic signs in Luxembourg are in French, aren’t they? Moreover, information boards on highways are in the same format as in France.

I’m rather used to driving on French roads, so I felt very relieved. It is also like France that there are Total. (Although there are also Total in Germany…)

The checkpoint of the border of the remnant of the old days remains, but it passes as it is because naturally there is no one.

So here we are, Luxembourg! It was the first time for me and my mother to visit Luxembourg, and my father had been here a few times, but he said he didn’t remember it at all because it seemed to be only for work.