Day 7 No.1 The border between France and Germany – 2010 Deutschland No.23

2010 Germany

It is the last day. Today we are going back to Germany again. However, Strasbourg, where we stayed the night before, is almost on the border with Germany. I got lost in the city a little, but I arrived at the border in about 30 minutes.

The border between France and Germany is on the river. We are passing through the bridge. After all this time, there is nothing to say that it is a border. It’s about the same as crossing the Tama River from Kanagawa Prefecture into Tokyo.

By the way, the road sign on the French side looks like this…

As we crossed the river into Germany.

It looks like this. The size and shape of the signs that show the distance and direction to the city are different. (Germany has a yellow sign.)


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