Attending a dessert buffet party, I suddenly thought

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I recently had the pleasure of attending such a meeting.

Your stuff is delicious and tasty.

By the way, our family made the Eclair Cafe for the event. But it was my wife who actually made it, and I only helped a little and cleaned up (laughs)

I’d like to talk more about Eclair Cafe soon. (In short, I have a lot of feelings and things to talk about…)

By the way, it occurred to me that everyone likes simple and traditional things.

Most of my friendships are with people I’ve met through orchestra. This time, too. I wondered if our shared values were due to our love of classical music. It’s obvious that we like “traditional European” music.

I’ve been traveling around France for the past few years, and I’ve come to think that European traditions are quite simple. It may be a misnomer to say that they are simple, but I think they are not as complicated as the Japanese, especially when it comes to taste. I feel like Japan has a lot of flavors.

There seems to be a theory that it’s a difference in tolerance to sweetness and saltiness.

In any case, the desserts that you made must be due to your experience, taste, and various other factors, but I was very impressed by the fact that they were faithful to the basics and had a proper “sweetness” to them, which is something that can be felt in homemade sweets that are eaten in the countryside.

In addition to enjoying the delicious dessert, the content of the conversation at the meeting was very interesting.

We had a lot of fun talking, but I was particularly impressed by the food processor. The steam oven range. And about convection ovens, I guess.

What’s even more interesting is that as the conversation got going, everyone was asking, “What is that? How much does it cost? and immediately start looking it up on their iPhones. Well, it was definitely one of those clusters (laughs).

Some of you said, “I popped over to Amazon right away.

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We left the house of the person who offered the venue at around 19:00, and came back home before 21:00.

What was personally disappointing was that my own physical condition was not so good. Normally, I would have eaten twice as much as I did… (tears) *It was rather frustrating!

I tried to be a little careful, but I was worried that the little children who came with me might have caught a cold or something… (If so, it’s probably my fault, sorry.)

Another disappointment was the sangria and wine dipped (or was it?) Someone had made a fruit compote and brought it to us, but we didn’t get to fully enjoy it.

I only had a few bites of the compote because I was worried about my health, partly because I was driving and partly because I was feeling a bit under the weather. But it was so sweet and tasty…. If there is a next time, I would like to ask them to make it for me. (I’m sorry to be so rude, lol)