I was a “Genius” on Booking.com, and it’s perpetual!


It seems to have been around for quite a while, and I’ve benefited from it without even knowing it, but when I looked it up again, I realized that’s what it was.

It’s true that I’ve noticed the yellow mark with “Ge” on it every now and then since last year or so. I thought it was just a good idea to get a discount, but I guess it was a user-only thing.

It looks like there aren’t many yet, but I wonder if there will be more in the future. Even so, a 10% discount is certainly a big deal, so I’m hoping for the best.

I also looked at back issues of Booking.com emails, which I usually miss because I filter and archive them, and found that in October last year or so, “Your discount has been made permanent! It seems that they had contacted me last October.

Thank goodness for this!

Anyway, if you look at the data below, you might wonder if I travel so much that it becomes immortal…

I’ve changed my mind after looking at this data, it sure looks like I’m traveling (laughs)

The average unit price is surprisingly high… But I was not only alone, but also with my parents, and the number of times I booked on behalf of my parents, so that must have been taken into account.