Booking Insider Guide – What’s New in the Smartphone App


When I was writing my last travel site article, I discovered that this service was created within the app. When did this come about?


It looks like you can download offline maps too. This might be a good idea. (It’s also taking an unusually long time to download…)

Let’s take a look at the contents. I’m going to Istanbul this April, so I’ll use Istanbul as an example.

First, a guide to nearby tourist attractions. First, there is a list

Every single content is like this.

This is useful because there are opening hours and days of the week for tourist attractions. This information is very important when you are traveling.

The rest is a list of restaurants near the hotel.

And there is a wide range of transportation.

Oops, there seems to be some weather information.

It’s hard to understand how good this is if you only look at Istanbul, so let’s look at an example from Paris, which we all know and love.

Well, it looks good.

The cities that are supported are not bad. Offline guides are important, and seems to be putting more effort into sending out word-of-mouth information like TripAdvisor. Isn’t this a good trend?