F1 Spain GP tickets have arrived! -2012 France and Spain Preparation No.3

2012 Spain preF1



I’m going to Europe again this year without fail. As I’ve already told you, I’m going to Spain.

Not that I forgot, but I finally received my F1 tickets.


I ordered it in September last year, so to be honest I was very worried, but I’m really glad it arrived safely. But I’m really glad it arrived safely. I was really excited about it.

You can read about it in the blog post above, but to recap, I bought it from this website.

こちらから→ http://www.gptickets.com/news/2012-formula-1-tickets/

In addition to the ticket, a lanyard, a case for the ticket, and earplugs were enclosed.


Strap’s cool!


And some letters are enclosed in three copies.


Information about payment details and dates and here.


It’s written in many languages of different countries. If you pick up the English part, it looks like this.


You have received your tickets for the Grand Prix of Spain at Catalunya Circuit 2012. With these tickets you are entitled to visit the testing days at Circuit de Catalunya. Various teams will be testing their cars for the coming season. Be the first to see them in action!

21-24 February 2012

01-04 March 2012


Although I can’t go to this as expected, it’s such a great privilege!

It’s still a long way off, but I’m really starting to look forward to it. Come on, come on, GW!


But there is a bit of disturbing news…

金融危機、バルセロナのF1スペインGPとMotoGP開催に影響か : F1通信 http://blog.livedoor.jp/markzu/archives/51808681.html

I just hope that it will be held safely.

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