Gordes again – Tour of the most beautiful villages in France 2011 (No.30-2, 2010) -★★★★★

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Gordes 20111013-IMG_3450

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Date of visit: October 10-13, 2011 (3 nights)

We chose Gordes as our lodging on our second day in the south of France! As you can see, it’s a very beautiful village, rumored to be the model for “Laputa, the Castle in the Sky”.

We left Turtur, where we had visited just before, at 4 p.m. and arrived there in about two hours by highway and ordinary roads.

Gordes 20111011-IMG_2522

This is the second time I’ve been to this village in Provence, which is arguably the most beautiful village in France. Of course, it was the first time for my parents.

Last year, I visited the most beautiful village in France for the first time and ended up in Gordes.


But the weather was not good at that time. It even rained on the last day.

So I wanted to visit there again by all means, and the hotel I stayed was good, so I visited there again with my parents.

We were really lucky with the weather this time. We stayed for 3 nights. I was able to take a lot of pictures of Gordo in the early morning, evening and at night in wonderful weather.

Gordes 20111012-IMG_2912

Gordes 20111011-IMG_2551

Gordes 20111011-IMG_2568

This time, we planned to use Gordes as a base to visit the famous places in Provence.

Because you can fully enjoy this beautiful village, which is wonderful by itself, but in fact, this place is located right in the center of Provence, so it’s a great base for sightseeing by car. You can get to Arles and Avignon in less than an hour.

Basically, we left the hotel around 9 or 10 o’clock in the morning, drove around Provence almost all day, and came back in the evening. After all, I think it was easier to stay in a hotel than to change hotels every day, even though we were driving. It was also a big hit with my parents.

Furthermore, we were blessed with the moon this time. This is also a very fortunate coincidence.

Gordes 20111011-IMG_2555

So, I tried my best to take various photos.

It was a bit scary to go to the other side of the river because it was dark on the road at night in the countryside, but I went to take some night shots in the cold.

Gordes 20111012-IMG_2948

The night sky was also very beautiful.

Gordes 20111012-IMG_2965

And the last day of the stay. On this day, I tried my best to wake up early and took pictures of Gordo in the early morning and Gordo in the morning glow.

Gordes 20111013-IMG_3426

Gordes 20111013-IMG_3450

I had some time to play with panorama composition using Photoshop at the site.

Gordes 20111013-Gordes_pamorama

Then we departed from the village after three nights and took some photos from below just before we left the village for the last time.

Gordes 20111013-IMG_3521

Gordes 20111013-IMG_3524

One of the best things about Gordes is that there are always parking spaces available at the best photo spots. The village itself is very small, but the restaurants, souvenir shops, and hotels are all very well stocked, and you get the strong sense that they put a lot of effort into tourism.