II-Con, Recycled Concert 2, December 24, 2016

10. Hobby General
10. Hobby General

How are you all doing for Christmas? I’m going to perform here. It’s Christmas Eve, but it doesn’t have any Christmas-like elements at all. But I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. The reason why we call it “Recycle” is because we’re going to replay the pieces I played in the past, and this is the second time for this kind of concert, so it’s called “Recycle Concert 2”.

Recycle Concert 2


Date & Time: Saturday, December 24, 2016, doors open at 14:00, 14:30 Cayenne

Place: Sampian Kawasaki Main Hall

Free admission / Free seating

The performance itself is a little better than a wedding reception. The performance itself is a little better than a wedding reception, so please be careful.


(The following is in alphabetical order, and the order of performance is a secret, but please let us know if the performance time of each song is related to whether you can come or not. We will tell you secretly)

Ranbou Tengu, When will you exchange diaries, Imperial SaGa “All forces assault! Kaeru no Tame ni Kaneru, Kakomun Snake, Gradius 2, Keisan Game Arithmetic 2 “Tashizan/Hikizan 1”, Keisan Game Arithmetic 4 “Multiplication of Decimals”, Gegege no Kitaro Yokai Daimakyo, Corpse Party Blood Cover Repeated Fear, Shirley no Atelier “Unkomun Fido”, Sekaiju no Labyrinth II Labyrinth II, Darius, Doraemon: Labyrinth Grand Operation “Field Medley”, Dragon Slayer IV, Dragon Ball: Mystery of the Divine Dragon, Hudson Mourning Famicom Medley, Firebird: Phoenix Arc: Adventure of the King, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Ring of Fates “Mowgli To Pick Grass”, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance “Snow Dancing Schoolyard”, Last Armageddon “Battle Theme Part I”, WILD CARD “Alert! Mission Complete”.


Nowadays, amateur groups that perform game music are not rare. However, I think we are quite unique among them. Most of the game music groups tend to remember the games they used to play when they were kids or students, or the so-called retro era (of course there are exceptions), but ii-tama is unique and chaotic in that we follow not only those elements but also the recent games. I think it’s unique and chaotic.

Also unique is his willingness to include songs from games that I thought were a lot of fun at the time, but I missed sharing those feelings with anyone (well, you win if you make the score).

If you happen to be free on this day, we would be very happy to see you there. we look forward to seeing you there!