La Garde-Adhémar – Tour of the most beautiful villages in France 2011 No.57 -★★☆☆☆

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La Garde-Adhe?mar 20111013-IMG_3278

Date of visit: October 12, 2011, around 6:00 p.m.

We started the day in the beautiful village of Vnask, then climbed Mont Ventoux and visited the two beautiful villages on either side of it, but we still had time before sunset to visit another beautiful village.

La Garde-Adhémar is a bit north of Orange, so it’s a bit of a distance, but it looks like it’s close to the highway.

So I thought that if I left Seguré at 4 p.m., I could make it in time for the sunset, so I decided to try my best to go there, though it was a bit forced.

Even though it was close to the highway, it was only along the highway and actually some distance from the IC. Even so, being able to take the expressway for more than half the journey is a big saving in travel time.

The area is generally rolling plains, with many vineyards. And like many other beautiful villages, this one is perched on a little hill.

La Garde-Adhe?mar 20111013-IMG_3333

I parked my car just outside of the city walls surrounding the village and took a walk for about 30 minutes. There were more tourists than I expected even though it was already evening.

La Garde-Adhémar 20111013-IMG_3277

La Garde-Adhémar 20111013-IMG_3281

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The houses are covered with comfortable cream-colored stone walls, and I thought the atmosphere was very gentle. Maybe it’s because each of the stones that make up the walls are a little smaller, but compared to other beautiful villages, they have a softer and prettier atmosphere.

La Garde-Adhe?mar 20111013-IMG_3319

La Garde-Adhe?mar 20111013-IMG_3317

The village church was also magnificent. The outside is powerful, and the inside is solemn and holy.

La Garde-Adhe?mar 20111013-IMG_3299

La Garde-Adhe?mar 20111013-IMG_3305

La Garde-Adhe?mar 20111013-IMG_3314

We had a long drive and did a lot of sightseeing that day, so we were starting to get tired by this time, but I think the gentle atmosphere of the town soothed us.

Even though we had to go back to Gordes, which is almost 50 km away from here, and it was a hectic stay, I think it was a good decision to visit there.

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