Limit RSS feeds to blog only

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This is a measure against mixi. From now on, I’m going to stop using my mixi diary and concentrate on my blog and homepage, but I still want to keep the connections I’ve made through mixi. However, in that case, for example, if such frequent changes in settings are regarded as blog posts, the frequency of updates will be unnecessarily high.

So, this time, I changed the RSS template of MT from MTEntries lastn=”10″ to MTEntries lastn=”10″ category=”blog” (* If you put the tag < >, it won’t be displayed, so I omitted it), so that only articles in the blog category to feed only posts in the blog category.

However, just now, I also changed the settings of the diary on the mixi side, but it does not seem to be reflected yet. It may take some time. In addition, I have already confirmed whether the category article other than blog is not fed by google reader. Therefore, I think that rss.xlm can be made as intended without a problem.