I bought Pocket WiFi S!



I’ve bought another mobile gadget. And this is the third mobile WiFi router I’ve bought…

But what’s different this time is that, yes, it’s a Pocket WiFI that can also be used as an android phone! Android phones have been on the rise lately, and I just wanted to play around with it.


The box is compact and stylish, but I also think it could be smaller.

Here is the actual product. I love the size of it, it fits perfectly in the palm of my hand.



Replacement parts for the back lid are included as an extra.


Let’s briefly review the fees, etc., shall we?

This plan is called Smart Plan here, plus “Assist 400”, which applies a long-term contract discount of 19,560 yen based on 2 years of use. In other words, it’s a flat-rate plan for 4,980 yen per month.

Actually, I have an early model of Pocket WiFi. It had been only 1 year and 2 months, so I didn’t cancel it and made a new contract this time. In addition, I’ve already had WiMAX in last summer, but I wrote about it in my old diary, so please refer to there.

(過去のエントリー:ワイヤレスゲート Wi-Fi + WiMAX 導入しちゃった

By the way, if you change the existing contract of EMOBILE to “Data Plan B” after 2 years and never communicate after that…


This is a very big deal. This is very big.

In summary, the total price of WiMAX+Pocket WiFi+Pocket WiFi S is


After 8 months (WiMAX discount ends): 1,400 yen + 4,480 yen + 4,980 yen = 10,860 yen

10ヶ月後(Pocket WiFi 2年終了):0円+4,480円+3,980円=8,560円

It will be like that. This is also the main reason why I decided to buy this device.

In any case, you can now use an android phone for 4,980 yen per month. Moreover, it becomes 3,980 yen from November of this year. I thought that it is the one that I can continue to get & use cheaply at the moment when I think about terminal cost etc. at the same time, and made a decision.

In the impression that I used it as a mobile WiFi router for the time being, because I did the setting change with the application on android, I thought that the setting was easy and free than the previous Pocket WiFi, and above all, the connection speed to WiFi became early. It is quite comfortable.

It is true that WiMAX is overwhelmingly faster, but there are times when it is weak indoors, so I always thought that I couldn’t miss EMOBILE, so the release of this product this time was very good timing.


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