Moissac, the road of Le Puy – South of France in July 2014 No.5

201407 Menton

Local Time: July 15, 2014

It’s time to open up again. Not good not good….

Continued from last time. We rented a second car at the Toulouse train station. After that, we added a driver to each of them, so we were going to leave Toulouse with an automatic car that my father rented on the first day and a manual car that I rented on this day.

The places we plan to visit on this day are Moissac and Montpellier. We have booked a hotel in Montpellier for this evening.


If it’s usual here, it’s just like “we arrive before you know it”, but this time it’s not so easy. Yes, it’s because we have to go there with two cars.

We drove to Moissac with the first car (junior team car) driven by me in front and the second car (senior team car) driven by my father behind.

Fortunately, Moissac is easy to get to even with a paper map if you can get on the highway, so you should have plenty of time if you don’t stray from the highway from Toulouse city to the suburbs.

Just as I was thinking that, I suddenly got separated at a traffic light change (laughs).

However, since there were four of us in each car this time, and my wife in the passenger seat of the junior team car and my wife’s father in the passenger seat of the senior team car were able to contact each other by phone, we were able to meet up with each other safely while driving on the highway mud. We were able to get off at the nearest IC of Moissac at the same time and arrived at the town of Moissac at almost the same time as planned.

You can merge on the highway better than you think.

Now, Moissac, which I visited with two cars, is a place I chose because I really wanted to visit. I’ve passed by the town many times because there are many beautiful villages around here, but this is the first time I actually visited there.



It’s a road that I’ve passed through on my way to visit beautiful villages. So the town of Moissac has been burned into my mind without knowing it.

Various preliminaries have become long, but I was able to find a parking lot for two cars in the town safely, it is the start of sightseeing immediately.

Even though it is called sightseeing, the only place to see is “Saint Pierre Abbey” in the center of the city.


In any case, it has a familiar and somewhat nostalgic atmosphere for the beautiful village traveler.


It is quite a large and magnificent cathedral.

By the way, “Registered?” means that this “pilgrimage route of Santiago de Compostela in France” is a kind of complex heritage, and some sections of the pilgrimage route and major historical buildings on the way of the pilgrimage route are a component group of this World Heritage.

In this Moissac, the “abbatiale Saint-Pierre et cloître” (abbey church and cloister) is registered.

First we toured inside the cathedral. This is free of charge.

After that, we visited the cloister in this monastery. There was a charge here.

To get to the cloister, you need to buy a ticket in the city information center behind the cathedral and enter from inside the building. The picture below shows the area right next to the cathedral, and on the right is the city information center.

The pamphlet I got when I bought a ticket to the cloister had the “UNESCO World Heritage” symbol printed on it.

Now, this corridor, as expected from the extra charge (huh?), was very beautiful. It was very beautiful.

Over the last 10 years or so, I’ve been to churches and cathedrals all over Europe. Of course, I have visited Romanesque cloisters like this one. I think this cloister in Moissac is one of the most beautiful.

By the way, it is difficult to take a picture of the corridor.

I wonder if the pilgrims since the Middle Ages also saw this cloister when they stopped by Moissac. I guess this beauty is unchanged though the time has passed and changed.


I guess this is the reason why I was somewhat attached to Moissac.

It’s a small town, and the only thing to see is this St. Pierre Abbey and its cloister. Still, I had a wonderful time.

After admiring the monastery, we stopped for a while at the Tarn River which flows through the city. It was just about 1pm, I think.

Next, we will go to Montpellier, where we will stay for the night.