The Last Time, Hearing Another Orchestra ALAPHO in Naples, and Returning Home May 2014 Italy’s Most Beautiful Village Tour Local Report No.18


Local time: May 10, 2014

The update was made from Japan, but the text was written locally.

Now it was time to go home. I woke up at 6:30am as usual, washed my face, put on my contacts and the first thing I did was to have breakfast. Not breakfast, but a classical concert!

From my hotel in Naples, I watched a YouTube broadcast of a concert organized by a friend of mine to celebrate his 40th birthday with an orchestra performance.

The video and audio is extremely good. YouTube live is very good, I think it’s more stable than Ustream.

I was very impressed with the way the camera switched from one to the other, just like a real TV broadcast.

And the performance. I was helping to run the event for a little while, and I had observed the first few practices, but compared to that time, the performance was much more polished and wonderful.

I think that the Variations had a nice and calm flavor, as expected of everyone who is in their 40’s.

Unfortunately, because I kept watching the video, the mobile WiFi I had rented seemed to limit my usage, so I couldn’t listen to Enigma from the middle of the video.

It’s a huge shame that I didn’t get to hear Nimrod live, which I was particularly looking forward to…

However, thanks to a tweet that I had on my iPhone’s 3G connection, I could see that it was a very good performance.

I really felt that we live in a wonderful age where we can share our emotions with everyone even when we are so far away from each other.

After that we had breakfast, checked out of the hotel, got into the car safely in the garage and headed for Capodichino Airport in Naples.

We returned the car here and completed our trip in southern Italy.

Unfortunately, during the trip, I had the misfortune of dodging a car that drove out in front of me at a high rate of speed and hit the right rear door hard against the wall, causing a large scratch and dent, which I reported immediately after returning the car.

First of all, the staff of the rental car company checked the situation of the car, and instructed me to write down what the accident was in English in an easy-to-understand document.

Ten days ago I was driving through a small town in Basilicata when an oncoming car came off the center line at a high rate of speed. I tried to avoid it and hit my right rear against the wall of a building in an alley.

I expressed this in English, using Google Translate as appropriate. After that, I signed with today’s date and finished the procedure.

He will be contacted by email at a later date to see if his insurance will cover it and what the bill will be.

Although I had to go through these procedures, it took about 15 minutes. I had come to the airport early just in case, but I thought I would be free thanks to earlier than I thought, but it took time to check in, and before I knew it, it was time to show up.

Still, with only a few hours left, we enjoyed a last minute Mac, which we never expected, and Italian gelato.

The gelato was amazing, but the mac was bad…fail.

I fell asleep as soon as I boarded the plane, and before I knew it, I was in Paris.

The waiting time in Paris is 6 hours, and it’s hard to wait at the empty Charles de Gaulle airport, so I decided to go out to Paris for a while. I took a bus to the Opera in the city, which took about 50 minutes. The price is 10.5 euros.

So I bought an adapter for my MBP with a C-type power plug at the Apple Store in the Opera House, and went back to the airport immediately.

I’ll take this one on trips from now on, phew.

We stayed for less than an hour, but it was a very good way to pass the time.

Then, I had a light beer at the airport, wrote my blog and organized my photos. Then I boarded the plane at 20:30.

Fortunately, WiFi was available on the return flight, so I was able to play with the internet, mainly twitter and facebook when I was bored, and combined with sleep, it was a quick 10 hour flight.

I arrived at Haneda about 20 minutes earlier than scheduled. This time I went to Haneda and back. It took about one hour from Haneda to the nearest station of my home by shuttle bus.

This is the end of this GW trip. It became the trip of the great enjoyment again.


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