Istanbul First Day No.2 Bosphorus Cruise Part1 -2010 France & Turkey No.24

2010 France
2010 France


Istanbul 20100506-IMG_7884

I wanted to go to the Bosphorus Strait, which has been the setting for many historical events, when I saw it from Topkapi Palace, so I decided to walk toward the sea.

I moved on foot while looking at the Blue Mosque for a while.

Istanbul 20100506-IMG_7798

We walked for about 10 minutes, and we’re here. Brilliant weather!

Istanbul 20100506-IMG_7835

So I thought I’d go on a cruise on the Bosphorus, which is a staple of Istanbul sightseeing, but I don’t know where to go or what to do at all… > <

But when I was wandering around at the pier, an uncle talked to me and introduced me. I was able to communicate with him in English, but to be honest, it wasn’t suspicious… But many tourists were following him one after another, so I believed him and decided to follow him too. It was very Japanese.

By the way, this area is around Sirkedji Station, the terminal station of the European side. It’s also famous for being the terminal station of the Orient Express. I wonder if the Orient Express was actually used in Agatha Christie’s movie version.

We took a microbus to the place where the cruiser was docked. Here is the boat.

Istanbul 20100506-IMG_7857

Isn’t that nice? The fee was, um, sorry, I forgot. But I think it was about 1,000 Japanese yen. That should be enough.

So we start cruising!

Istanbul 20100506-IMG_7879

New city and Galata Tower seen from the sea. Let’s go later.

Istanbul 20100506-IMG_7880

The Galata Bridge connects the New Town and the Old Town, and we pass under this narrow bridge.

Istanbul 20100506-IMG_7890

Now, it’s time for the Bosphorus!