Flute Lesson No.54

05. Musicflute

It was my first lesson in three weeks. I haven’t been able to practice much lately because I’ve been so busy with my violin practice, but I’m going without worrying about that. But I’m going to go without worrying about it, even though I really shouldn’t.

Well, as usual, I have a lot of basic practice issues, but today I learned another good trick, albeit a small one.


I think it’s true when you say it like that, but just by being aware of this, the sound definitely comes out in a good way.

I’m sure everyone who has ever played an instrument has experienced this.

But it’s easy to forget.

It is very important to listen to a lot of good music and performances and to always have a good image.

Well, today, as well as basic practice, the teacher prepared Christmas music scores for us to play with a little in the season.

We will have a lot of fun playing with this sheet music in December. We are looking forward to it.