Booking a car rental in Europe – 2011 France Preparation No.2 -.

2011 France for


This trip is just after entering the country, last minute hotel @ Paris reservations and car arrangements. All other itineraries, hotels, etc. are done locally, so there’s hardly any preparation for reservations.

Here we are, on our annual European road trip, and the main purpose of the trip is already to drive, but this time (and this time?) we’re not going to be driving. This time (and this time?) we’re going to rent a car for a little longer than usual, so we had a lot of trouble choosing a rental car company, especially how to choose the price, the type of car, and the mileage limit. Normally I just make a quick decision….


Well, this trip is my life’s work, so I have a bit of a budget to spare. Since I can drive as much as I want in Europe, I want to be particular about the type of car.

However, it doesn’t make sense to rent at too unrealistic a rate. In that sense, Hertz and Avis are off the table.

I often use Sixt and Europcar, which are reasonably priced car rental companies that you can find in every European country and city.

One of my favorites is Sixt, which has excellent online arrangements and is rather slightly less expensive. So again, I looked at Sixt first.

And what’s more, it turns out that if you book via their Facebook page, you get 10% off!

I choose the class “Economy” and “Compact”. It depends on the country, but I use one or the other depending on the type of car. This time, I wanted to use Economy class because the period of renting is relatively longer than usual, but there are no good car models in Sixt….

It’s a bit expensive, but yes, you can rent an Audi A1, though it’s probably about the same price as a compact plus alpha in its class. This is wonderful!

The equivalent models also belong to the category of “Citroen DS3”, “Mini Cooper” and other compact premiums that I want and like the most.

However, the price is still a bit high and there is a mileage limit. The mileage limit means, for example, in this example, “free of charge up to 3,750km, and 0.26 euro per km beyond that”.

By the way, how much will you drive during your trip? I have measured this several times in the past, and based on my experience, I guess that I will drive 4,500km to 5,000km if I rent a car for 2 weeks. So, it will be over 1,000km for sure, and the extra charge will be about 30,000 yen (260 Euro).

It’s tempting to be able to drive an Audi A1, but it’s a pain indeed…

So, once I booked with Sixt, I cancelled and went with Europcar.

Purely economy class here. “The Peugeot 207. Of course, it’s a MT car.

Actually, in this screenshot, the Security Pack option is included, but it can be removed, so the plan includes only the minimum insurance required. The price is 583 euro.

It’s probably okay, but if you can’t rent a Peugeot, you might be disappointed with a VW Golf or something.

I’m a bit Audi A1 sparing…

Well, I’ve heard that Peugeot is a good car, and this is my first time driving a Peugeot manual car, so I’m looking forward to it.

By the way, the hotel in Paris has been arranged. The only thing left to do is to prepare for the internet, broadcasting, cameras, and so on. I’ve already done this last year, so it won’t be too much trouble.

Come on, April, come on!