World Heritage Site: The Royal Saltworks of Al Quesnans – 2011 France

2011 France
2011 France

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Date of visit: April 27, 2011, around 3:00 p.m.

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On the way, we passed through a nice town called Dole, which is about halfway between Dijon, the main city of Burgundy, and Besançon, the main city of Franche-Comté, but as expected, we got lost when we passed through the town, and we had to take a more winding road than we expected. I arrived about an hour later than expected.

The weather looks a little unstable.

The parking lot was located in front of the main gate. It will not be difficult to park.

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Well, the Royal Saltworks of Al-Qué-Sunan is registered as a World Heritage Site as already mentioned in the title, and according to Wikipedia, it seems to be a very well planned saltworks, and its beautiful symmetrical design is indeed remarkable.

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If you look at an aerial photograph, you can certainly see the symmetrical structure.

Even though it’s a saltworks, it’s very stylish.

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Moreover, it was planned in the 18th century, so the building has a modern atmosphere rather than a medieval one.

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It seems that the saltworks were established in the Franche-Comté region because there are underground veins of rock salt.

By the way, the inside of the building was a museum about salt. However, it is said that photography is prohibited.

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There were not only explanations in French but also in English, so I could understand how salt was produced in those days. Although there was only a small exhibition, it was interesting in its own way.

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