World Heritage: Oviedo – 2012 Spain and France

2012 Spain and France
2012 Spain and France

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Date of visit: May 17, 2012, around 12:00 p.m.

Here’s a little more of my May 2012 travelogue. I reached Santiago de Compostela safely and stayed there for one night, and I still have three days left in Spain, so I will continue my trip.

We left Santiago de Compostela at a little after 8:00 a.m. and arrived at Oviedo, a city in the north of Spain, in about three hours with a break on the way.

Oviedo, the capital of Astoria, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the birthplace of Fernando Alonso, the famous Formula 1 driver.

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But unfortunately, the old town was destroyed by the Asturian Revolution and the Spanish Civil War.

Nevertheless, it was recreated after the civil war and boasts this beauty.

I’m amazed at the fact that I can take pictures that look like they’ve been processed with HDR, even though I’m just taking normal pictures.

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I know it’s just an ordinary commercial building, but it’s so beautiful.

Towering in the center of the city is the Cathedral of San Salvador, with a few tourists here and there.

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This statue of a lady standing in the square facing the church was very popular.

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Oviedo 20120517-IMG_2260

Really a very cozy square.

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The main attraction is the square, which is only a few hundred meters long, but the back alleys are also very beautiful, making it a great place to stroll and take pictures.

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It was just noon, so we had lunch in this town.

This is a salad where apples are dipped in cheese that has quite a smell. It is very delicious because the freshness of the apple is nice and softens the smell of the cheese.

Oviedo 20120517-IMG_2247

The main course was, I don’t know what to call it, a Spanish version of the German/Austrian “Jäger Schnitzel” (lol).

Oviedo 20120517-IMG_2249

Our stay was full of happiness as we enjoyed the beautiful town and delicious food.


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