Training Camp Day 0

05. Musicicons


I’ve been in Kawaguchiko since last night.

Well, it’s a music group, so playing instruments should be the main thing, but, well, it’s like this from the beginning as usual…

I mean, it’s 2012 now…

There is a part of the song that can be used as a preparation for the song…

The place is called “Gassho no Ie Ooba”. It is small for an orchestra, but just right for an ensemble. It’s a good place for an ensemble, and we always use it.

The owner of this place is, well, how can I put it, too scary for my taste (laughs).

First of all, the car. This picture. When I came here before, he saw my car and started talking to me.

And now I’m writing this on an MBA, and he seems to be an Apple lover from the bottom of his heart, so as soon as he saw this MBA, he naturally started talking to me.

“What model? “When did you buy it?” That’s how the conversation starts.

Now, I’m going to play a lot of instruments from today.