A different weekend after a big concert, a long time coming.


After successfully finishing the annual concert of a certain group held last Sunday, I had a weekend away from that atmosphere and momentum for the first time in a long time.

sushi in the first place

On Friday, I didn’t have anything special to do, so I suddenly thought of going out to eat sushi.

I think this is the first time for me to eat sushi at Sai-Shi-San slowly by myself. I like to have fun with everyone, but it’s also nice to take it slow at my own pace.

I really liked the material that was not too cold. I wonder if it is possible to do so because it is fresh.

Thank you for the delicious meal.

cat lion

On Saturday, I went to this photo exhibition in Ebisu.

There was an exhibition of the same photographer at Hikarie in Shibuya, but unfortunately it was so crowded that I gave up entering.

After that, I went for a walk in Hikarie. Is it a proof that I’m getting old?

EOS 70D Exhibition

Before going to Shibuya, at Ebisu. Because the exhibition of CANON EOS70D was done near the cat lion exhibition on Saturday, I looked in.

The EOS 70D will be released next week, and we’re already up to the 70D. I was able to actually touch the actual camera. Compared to my 7D, it seems to be smaller, more compact and lighter.

I thought it was a little heavy, but not enough. I wonder if it’s targeted at beginners or women. But the price should be reasonable, so it’s hard to understand the concept.

As well as a set of brochures to hand out to visitors.

I won the drawing and got the EOS 70D book.

French Bistro Concomble


We entered the restaurant just after it opened. As soon as the restaurant opened, several groups of customers entered at once. I wonder if it’s a popular restaurant.

Carrot salad, three cheese platter (choose your cheese. Choose three wet cheeses), baked sea bass in pie, and duck confit with raspberries.

The orthodox French food is just what I like. It was delicious.


Dessert is custard pudding.