Breakfast Ride 20110917

09. Sportscycling

We went for our second breakfast ride. We were supposed to have three riders today, which was a bit small. But one of us was sick, so we ended up with two. The purpose of the ride was to have breakfast at FUNGO in Ikejiri.

This is the first time for me to go far with binding pedals since I bought them.

But I was able to ride mentally because I had practiced a bit in the neighborhood.

I felt the effect of the binding pedals when I was going uphill and accelerating. It’s totally different. Especially when accelerating, the feeling of oneness with the pedals was a great feeling.

But road shoes are still hard to walk in….

After meeting up with the team members, we spent about an hour chatting and having a delicious time.

So it looks like we’ll continue to have breakfast together on Saturday mornings, when it’s easiest to schedule a bike ride and practice.

I’m looking forward to it because it’s good exercise, good practice, and above all, it’s a great way to exchange information.


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