Day 2 No.1 Eisenach – 2010 Deutschland No.4

2010 Germany

Eisenach 20100811-IMG_9510

Date of visit: August 11, 2010, around 9:00 a.m.

It’s been a very long time, but it’s been a while since I’ve written here.


8/9 a.m. Arrived at Work

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8/9 Night Sagittarius of the Grain Valley District Orchestra “Now on Stage! participated

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8/9 Midnight Launch, Drinking till almost 2am.

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8/10 before dawn Stay at a hotel near the show site

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8/10 Check Out around 6am, Head for Narita

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8/10 a.m. Take a 9:35 a.m. flight to Frankfurt

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Arrived in Frankfurt about 3pm local time on the afternoon of 8/10

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8/10 p.m. Rent a car, leave Frankfurt after 4 p.m.

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8/10 evening Non-stop driving to Eisenach, about 200km away

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8/10日没直前 無事アイゼナハ到着、ホテルにもチェックイン。食事をしてようやく就寝。

And the (main) diary so far

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And well, I had such a hard schedule. It was kind of the first time in two days that I was able to sleep slowly.

Let’s start the real sightseeing today!

Now, this is the kind of city we’re talking about.


Wartburg Castle, we’ll go there later.

This is actually my first time to come to Thuringia. There are many areas in this region that are associated with Goethe and Bach. And it’s also related to the World Heritage Site, but it’s also a place where the so-called “Reformation” took place, and it’s also an area related to that.

My impression of this quiet German countryside town was that it was more crowded than I expected, though.

Eisenach 20100811-IMG_9553

Anyway, we aim to the central square. The weather is not so good. Too bad…

Eisenach 20100811-IMG_9561

Eisenach 20100811-IMG_9565

The stalls in the square were mainly selling fruits and flowers.

Now, let’s go to Bach’s birthplace, which is about 5 minutes walk from here.

Can we say that this kind of atmosphere is German? This atmosphere reminded me of Strasbourg in France.

Eisenach 20100811-IMG_9582

By the way, there is a signboard that sometimes becomes a town, and what Japanese notation. Are there many Japanese tourists?

Eisenach 20100811-IMG_9589

This area is also associated with Luther, the central figure of the Reformation, right? I think he lived here.

Eisenach 20100811-IMG_9590

And we arrived at Bach’s birthplace. There are so many tourists (foreigners). I’m a little disappointed…

Eisenach 20100811-IMG_9599

I waited idly until he was gone. They were gone sooner than I expected, though.

Bach. It’s Bach. (TEARS)

Eisenach 20100811-IMG_9598

So, I went to my birthplace, but it was early in the morning and it wasn’t open yet…. So I didn’t really want to wait, but it was getting a bit of a hassle, and I still had a lot of plans for the rest of the day, so I figured, what the hell (laughs).

But it’s already enough for me to cry just thinking, “This is where that great Bach was born. Thank God for this place!


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