Day 2 No.2 Wartburg Part 1 – 2010 Deutschland No.5

2010 Germany

Wartburg 20100811-IMG_9624

Date of visit: August 11, 2010, around 11:00 a.m.

The next stop was “Wartburg Castle” in the suburbs of Eisenach. After a short walk in Eisenach, we returned to the hotel and drove there. It is very easy to get there by car.

The road leading to Wartburg Castle.

Entrance to the parking lot, pay the fee here.

A view of the parking lot. If you go a little further back, there is a wide space, and I was able to park there without a problem.

By the way, the parking ticket looks like this.

Wartburg 20100811-IMG_9756

Here is the car. This time we were able to rent a BMW. Because my parents are with me, it is a car of the class called “Intermediates” which is the next big thing after economy or compact which I always rent. Even so, the rental fee is around 5,000 yen per day.

Wartburg 20100811-IMG_9761

So here we are, the Wartburg Castle.

Wartburg 20100811-IMG_9633

I’m going to go inside as soon as I can. (CONTINUED)

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