Day 2 No.3 Wartburg Part 2 – 2010 Deutschland No.6

2010 Germany

Wartburg 20100811-IMG_9641

Date of visit: August 11, 2010, around 11:00 a.m.


From the parking lot to the entrance of the castle, you need to climb up a small hill. But it’s not too far and not too steep.

Go through the castle gate and enter the place.

Well, this “Wartburg Castle” is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. According to Wikipedia, it was “the stage of a singing contest in the medieval legend of Tannhäuser”, or “the place where Martin Luther lived under the protection of Elector Friedrich III of Saxony after the Diet of Worms and translated the Bible”.

Buy a ticket at the ticket office inside the castle wall. 2 tickets are for taking photos. If you want to take a photo inside, you have to pay extra.

20100811-IMG_0713 20100811-IMG_0714

Now let’s go inside. I don’t know well, but I was told to enter from No.3, so I do as it says.

Wartburg 20100811-IMG_9662 Wartburg 20100811-IMG_9668

I don’t know the details of the tour because I didn’t have a guide, but I thought the ornaments and exhibits were substantial and also very well organized, which made it very easy to visit.

Wartburg 20100811-IMG_9686

Wartburg 20100811-IMG_9710

I haven’t read it properly, but I think he’s very careful with these explanations.

Wartburg 20100811-IMG_9671

The view of the outside from inside the place is also very nice.

Wartburg 20100811-IMG_9679

Wartburg 20100811-IMG_9700

It was in this environment that the Lutherans translated the Bible into German for many years in their later years. I am now on the stage where exactly what was written in the world history textbook happened.

Wartburg 20100811-IMG_9737

Wartburg 20100811-IMG_9734

It’s not a spectacular castle, but I thought it was exciting just to imagine its history and events. I can say that it had a different atmosphere from the old castles in France.

I was also impressed by the overall quality of the tourist environment. I imagine that they spend a lot of money to manage it. I hope that they will continue to pass on their wonderful heritage to future generations.

Something I really like about the sign.

Wartburg 20100811-IMG_9747

Wartburg Castle, I enjoyed it very much.

In fact, this area is one of the most famous World Heritage sites in Germany. The next destination is Weimar, not far from here. This is also a World Heritage city. I’m sorry to say this is a personal story, but the Wartburg Castle is the 99th World Heritage Site I’ve visited in Europe.