Uzerch, a small beautiful town in the department of Corrèze: Switzerland and France Travelogue No.13, September 2017

September Switzerland, France, 2017
September Switzerland, France, 2017

Date and time of visit: 22 September 2017, around 4pm

The Corrèze department is a landlocked region located slightly to the southwest of France. Although it is not convenient for transportation, it is a wonderful area that still retains many aspects of a castle city with a sense of fantasy due to the continuous wars with England during the Middle Ages.

Of course, as I’ve already mentioned in this blog, there are many villages that have been chosen as the most beautiful villages in France, and the Château de Castelnau-Bretenoux, which I wrote about in my previous article, is located in the Lot department, just next door! There are many villages in the area.

On September 22, 2017, after the Château de Castelnau-Bretenoux, we visited this town called Uzerch (Uzerch). We arrived at Uzerch around 4 p.m. because it was a little bit far from the castle, we had lunch at a fast food restaurant on the way, and we got caught in a traffic jam.

Uzerche 22092017-_MG_6285-yuukoma

It didn’t seem like there were many tourists at all, but there were people there. It seems to be a regional city of a good scale. The city is on a hill, the main road (even though it is a local road) runs around it, so I parked my car there because there was a space where I could park on the street.

Uzerche 22092017-_MG_6307-yuukoma
Uzerche 22092017-_MG_6306-yuukoma

The history of this city seems to have developed around the 11th century, when people started to live here and Romanesque churches were built. This is the church in the center of the city.

Uzerche IMG_7855

It was just closing time, but a local man who was on watch duty waited for a while to close the church.

Uzerche 22092017-_MG_6298-yuukoma
Uzerche 22092017-_MG_6300-yuukoma
Uzerche 22092017-_MG_6292-yuukoma

There are also these explanatory notes for tourists. It is only in French.

Uzerche IMG_7857

The interior architectural style is carefully explained. However, the terms of religious architecture are difficult to understand, and all French is very strict. This church, like other European churches, was partly destroyed in a religious war in the 16th century and was in ruins for a while.

As far as I could read the explanatory signs in the town, the prototype of the present townscape seemed to have been created around the 18th century.

Uzerche 22092017-_MG_6302-yuukoma
Uzerche 22092017-_MG_6303-yuukoma

There was no particular highlight of the old buildings and so on, but I was impressed by the beautiful streets that are very Corrèze around here.

Uzerche 22092017-_MG_6286-yuukoma
Uzerche 22092017-_MG_6297-yuukoma
Uzerche IMG_7849

Sightseeing time was about an hour, but I think I was able to spend a good time.