Day 3 No.1 Wittenberg – 2010 Deutschland No.9

2010 Germany


Wittenberg 20100812-IMG_0717

It’s really, really a shame about the rain that day…

However, it was the most impressive city in this trip.

On the third day, it was pouring down, too hard rain to go sightseeing. Moreover, Germany in August is colder than I expected.

The day changed on the 12th, and it was pouring in Leipzig. However, I couldn’t change my schedule, so I headed to Wittenberg, the first destination of the day.

It was difficult to escape to the suburbs of Leipzig because of the construction, but once you get to the suburbs, you can drive on the Autobahn without any problem to reach your destination.

Wittenberg 20100812-IMG_0716

It was so cold and rainy that my parents gave up sightseeing. I somehow managed to go sightseeing despite the bad footing.

アイスレーベンとヴィッテンベルクにあるルター記念建造物群」は宗教改革にとてもゆかりのある世界遺産です。「95ヶ条の論題(正式名称:”Disputatio pro declaratione virtutis indulgentiarum” (『贖宥状の意義と効果に関する(マルティン・ルターの)見解』))」、その舞台がここなのです。

Still, it was such a lovely city that I couldn’t help but miss it.

Wittenberg 20100812-IMG_0730

Wittenberg 20100812-IMG_0747

This is the central square, where red and blue statues (perhaps Luther?) are arranged in a regular order. It must be some kind of art.

It really was a beautiful city.

Wittenberg 20100812-IMG_0725

It was already raining sideways, so it was hard to take pictures. I mean, I can’t wait to get back to the car….

Wittenberg 20100812-IMG_0748

I’ll be back. I will definitely come back. It’s not far from Berlin. It is a city that is worth the time to visit.


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