Day 6 No.1 Nancy (Nancy, France) – 2010 Deutschland No.20 –

2010 Germany

Nancy 20100815-IMG_0768

Date of visit: August 15, around 11:00 a.m.

There are only two days left of this trip. Today we are leaving Luxembourg, where we just came from, and entering France. Our first destination today is “Nancy”.

The route isn’t that difficult as it’s mostly fast travel, but I asked Dr. Google for route directions and how long it would take just in case. MiFi is not available here in Luxembourg, so we are using the hotel WiFi.

Nancy IMG_1227 Nancy IMG_1226

Unfortunately, it has been raining since this morning. It doesn’t seem to stop. At any rate, we passed the Luxembourg-France border without any problem.

We kept moving, praying that the weather would improve somewhat, but unfortunately the rain didn’t stop until we reached Nancy.

This is Nancy, the city I was actually looking forward to the most on this trip. Speaking of Nancy, this is the place.

I saw this on Wiki and was already amazed at this beauty.

I wandered around randomly and managed to find this plaza area.

There is also an indoor multi-story parking lot in the back of this just fine, parked the car there and started sightseeing, and I wanted to go, but this rain is indeed severe.

I somehow managed to take a picture with an umbrella while enduring the cold.

Nancy 20100815-IMG_0724

Nancy 20100815-IMG_0735

Nancy 20100815-IMG_0778

It’s really stunning…too stunning… But it’s too cold!

I wanted to take my time more, there were many other places I wanted to visit, but I had reached my limit. We only visited Stanislas Square and hurried back to the car.

I’ll definitely have to go back here….

Whoa, yeah. I really wanted to do this when I arrived in this city. That dream has come true!